FACIALS…starting @ $45

Our facials are a fantastic way to get your skin looking and feeling rejuvenated. Facials work to restore health and beauty back to a face that has been having problems such as acne,oil,fine lines and more. We have four different kinds of facials to  help target specific problems and needs that our patients may have. Regardless of whether you have a specific issue or just want to freshen up your face, our facials are guaranteed to have you feeling fresh and clean!

The different types of facials we offer are:

Fabulous Facial (60min)- $75

A luxurious facial personalized to your skins’ specific needs. This facial includes a double cleanse, neck, shoulder and facial massage, custom mask and a hand and arm massage, leaving you totally relaxed and refreshed. How fabulous is that?

Fast and Fab Facial (30min)- $45

Short on time? A little luxury is better than none at all.  This facial is a shorter version of our Fabulous Facial.   A double cleanse, extractions, mask and hand and arm massage will give your face and your day the boost it needs!

Deep Clarifying Acne Facial (45min)- $85

A customized treatment to provide gentle detox and exfoliation of surface cell build-up to minimize impactions. Extractions are completed if necessary or desired. Specialized formulation provides strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory action to speed healing of acne lesions.

Tic-Toc Stop the Clock Facial (60min)- $80

Ok, maybe we can’t stop the clock, but we can turn the hands back a bit with this Anti-aging Facial Treatment. The Image “Ageless” line is amazing at firming and hydrating the skin, reducing fine lines and diminishing the tell tale signs of aging.

Gentlemen’s Facial (60min)- $75

This treatment is customized to a man’s skincare needs. It exfoliates to get rid of dry, dull, dead skin cells and helps alleviate razor bumps and folliculitis. It hydrates the skin, diminishes fine lines and leaves you looking dapper and feeling spiffy.

Welcome Back (60min)- $115

A clarifying back treatment for those who suffer with blemishes, blackheads, etc. on their back. A deep cleanse, extractions if needed, a clay masque and a hand and arm massage to relax you further. A smooth, clear, sexy back is in your future.

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